Virtual Terminal Solution

Paynamics acts as your payment platform of choice. You may engage Paynamics to utilize its implementation
packages and merchant plug-ins. Implementation Package includes the following:

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a payment system that allows the merchant to process credit card payments by inputting the credit card information of their customer.  The web terminal is hosted with Paynamics.  Merchants that are accepting orders via mail order, fax order or telephone order (call center agents) can use this solution to process payments.


Our web-based virtual terminal allows you to securely key-in credit card transactions in a zap. Especially applicable for Mail Order or Telephone Order transactions.

Virtual Terminal Features

Secure Payment Processing

Credit card information is stored in Paynamics system.

Multiple Payment Methods

Web terminal supports Credit card and Gcash payment methods. For Gcash payments, merchant must inform their customer that they would be prompted to reply their MPIN during the payment process