Shopify Integration

Paynamics supports Shopify integration. Please see below instructions on how to add Paynamics payment options (Creditcards, debit cards, Bancnet, Gcash, Over the Counter payments, Online Banking and Paypal) to your Shopify store.

1. ) Go to this Pay via Paynamics installation link and login to your store.

▸ Contact us if you will use a specific payment options.

▸ Email: ▸ Contact Number: 330-8772

2. ) If you agree to Shopify's Payment Gateway terms and condition then you may accept adding Paynamics Payment Gateway.

3. ) Configure the Paynamics Payment Gateway by going to Settings > Payment Providers.

4. ) Under Alternative payments; select "Pay via Paynamics" and then edit or configure this.

5. ) Set your Merchant ID and Merchant Key provided by the Paynamics Customer Support.

 ▸ You would need to have a Paynamics Test or Live Account.

 ▸ Check Use test mode if you are using a Test account.

6. ) Go to your shopify store > checkout page. Check if the payment gateway installed successfully and try to test on your end.

7. ) If you do not have a Paynamics Account, you may contact us at and