Email Billing Solution

Paynamics acts as your payment platform of choice. You may engage Paynamics to utilize its implementation
packages and merchant plug-ins. Implementation Package includes the following:

Email Billing Terminal

Email Billing (Ebilling) Terminal is a payment system that allows merchant to generate an electronic billing/invoice to be sent to their respective customers for billing/invoice presentment and payment.  Once the billing and order details is filled out by the merchant, Paynamics would generate a payment link  that would be sent directly to the customer's email address.  The customer once they have viewed their email billing can pay for the billing using their chosen payment method.  Once payment completed, Merchant will be informed accordingly for order processing and fullfillment.


Go Paperless. Paynamics Email Billing allows you to generate electronic invoices in a snap. Set the billing details, customer info and preferred payment method to automatically generate an Email Billing Link. Your customer recieves this Billing Link to make payment. Get notified immediately once payment has been made.

Email Billing Features

Secure Payment Processing

Credit card information is stored in Paynamics system.

Multiple Payment Methods

Credit card, Bancnet, Paypal, Gcash and other Global Payment Options.  After the cusotmer has viewed their billing, they can choose what payment method to pay during the checkout process.

No Website Required

Implementing Ebilling allows you to accept online payments immeditely from your clients even if you do not have a website.

Free Billing Storage

Email billing eliminates the need for you to maintain and send paper invoices in your workspace.  As a merchant, you can retrieve previous ebilling transactions and monitor if the ebilling has already been paid.