Disbursement Gateway Solution

Paynamics acts as your payment platform of choice. You may engage Paynamics to utilize its implementation
packages and merchant plug-ins. Implementation Package includes the following:

Disbursement Gateway (DGATE)

DGATE is a mass payment service that allows companies to send funds to Filipino customers. Powered by Paynamics, DGATE is a disbursement platform that facilitates real-time crediting of funds to Philippine bank accounts and Mobile Wallet ensuring timely delivery of needed funds to customers.


Companies that are looking to scale their disbursement processing can take advantage of this service. Paynamics provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows software developers (i.e. Web or Mobile) to include real time disbursement function into their app.


Below are the use cases that we support:


  1. Remittance (Domestic and International Inward Remittance)
  2. Reimbursements
  3. Loyalty or Rewards
  4. Supplier Payments
  5. Commission Payments
  6. Payroll