Direct Server Solution

Paynamics acts as your payment platform of choice. You may engage Paynamics to utilize its implementation
packages and merchant plug-ins. Implementation Package includes the following:

Direct Server

Merchants that are hosting their own payment application/payment page may integrate to Paynamics via a direct server integration.  A SOAP XML Application Programming Interface (API) will be provided to the merchant.


For PCI-compliant merchants that require the ultimate flexibility and control of the payment experience. Paynamics offers you a Direct Server API that allows you to send payment details to our server on a host to host environment. Connect to us via SOAP or RESTful (coming soon) interface.

Direct Server Features

Real Time Processing

SOAP XML API allows payment transactions
to be processed in real time.

Mutiple Transaction Types

The SOAP XML API supports multiple transaction types (i.e. Sale, Authorization, Settle Authorization, Refund/Reversals, Query, CFT etc).


SOAP XML API supports multi-currency processing.